MTP Podcast Episode 13: Deniece O'Leary, MPAS, PA-C, Ontario Chapter President of CAPA


Deniece O'Leary, MPAS, PA-C

Ontario Chapter President

Deniece O’Leary is the Ontario Chapter President of Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) and is in her second term. We discuss focused issues regarding PAs in Ontario and the future of regulation and funding.

Deniece corrects Rachael and Rebecca on their view of PA regulation in Ontario explaining the grave impact on day to day function for PAs that regulation could provide. Including the need for a tracking number for each PA. Particular attention is paid to the challenges of ER PAs in Ontario and the critical role a tracking number plays with funding.

With Ontario having just elected a new PC party to lead the province, many things will shift. Deniece is committed to meeting with the new Minister of Health to continue advocating on behalf of Ontario PAs and is hopeful for regulation by the end of her term in 2019. Listen to this episode as Deniece address Ontario PA's most pressing concerns. 

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Facebook: Deniece is a member of all of the Canadian FB PA groups and you may contact her through these groups as well.,,



Anne Dang, CCPA, CAPA vice president was mentioned in the episode and her blog. Find her profile of Deniece at