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Rachael Thompson, CCPA, BSc. has been a practicing PA in Ontario since 2010. She works in a rural emergency room supported by both physician and nursing staff. She sees a wide variety of acute presentations and continues to invest time in PA education with McMaster University.  She has first hand KNOWLEDGE of the positive changes seen in the profession extending from the side of education to hospital scope of practice and funding to community reception. She provides a solid foundation to the podcast and interviews.


Rebecca Mueller, PA-C, MSc. originally trained in Chicago and has been practicing in Ontario since 2010 in oncology and palliative care. She has experience in several facets of treatment including inpatient, outpatient, hospice and COMMUNITY settings. More recently, she has been teaching at McMaster University. she provides a unique perspective given that she has experience both in the United States health system and the Canadian system. 


Together, Rachael and Rebecca enjoy discovering the unique experiences of other PAs and bringing those in the profession together through their new podcast, Meet the PAs. Listen along and hear what other PAs have to say.