MTP Podcast Episode 11: Joshua Diamante, CCPA and Ashvinder Lamba, MD

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Dr. Lamba 

Pictured at a Concerned Ontario Doctors event

Josh and his supervising physician, Ash Lamba, have a working relationship built on trust and experience that allows for fluid extended hours of care for patients at the primary care clinic and the long term care facility. Through this, Josh is able to utilize his skills as a PA to the fullest extent benefiting both the patients and Dr. Lamba. Hear the details of his story in this interview and the political activism of Dr. Lamba in Ontario with Concerned Ontario Doctors.

Josh graduated from McMaster Univsersity's PA program in 2013 and has been practicing family medicine in Brampton, Ontario since that time. He is a valued member of the family health team and has developed a strong report with a large portion of the patients at Community MD as well as the long term care facility he attends. Josh was integral in maintaining continuity of care during the transition of patients from the previous physician to Dr. Ash Lamba in 2017. He has extensive knowledge in crucial areas of primary care including geriatric medicine and diabetes among others. Josh shares his experience solidifying a full time position without government funding and navigating leadership changes in a primary care office.

Dr. Lamba is a family physician and opened her practice in Brampton, Ontario in 2014 with a focus in OB/GYN. She is very active with Concerned Ontario Doctors (link below) and details the current status of healthcare in Ontario and the changes needed in order to improve access and quality of care to Ontario patients. The current Ontario government has been brutal and confrontational in its attack on Ontario physicians and healthcare cuts; Dr Lamba, along with her colleagues, have been vocal about the clear needs of changes in the government and Ontario Medical Association to improve the current situation. Below are links to petitions available to sign.  

Thank you to both Josh and Dr. Lamba for their time, contribution, and support of the physician assistant profession and the Meet the PAs Podcast. 

Interview correction: Dr. Lamba mentioned $90 million for the subLHINs during the interview. The actual figure is unknown but estimated to be much greater than $90 million.

Not pictures: Joshua Diamante, CCPA.

You may contact Josh or Dr. Lamba through their contact information below; both of them welcome questions or comments. Josh extended a special invitation to connect with those interested in entering the PA profession and current PA students. 

Don't forget to SIGN the petition and have your supervising physician SIGN too!!

Joshua Diamante, CCPA


Dr. Ashvinder Lamba