MTP Episode 16: Kristen Burrows, BSc, BHSc (PA), MSc, CCPA, Assistant Dean of McMaster PA Education Program


Kristen Burrows, MSc, CCPA

Assistant Dean McMaster PA Education Program

Kristen is the Assistant Dean of the McMaster Physician Assistant Education Program. Kristen started out her career as an epidemiologist in public health and continued on to be part of the inaugural McMaster PA class in 2010. In addition to managing the McMaster program, practicing clinically, and advancing the PA progression in Ontario and across Canada, she is also pursuing her PhD.

Kristen discusses her experiences as a PA and as the program assistant dean and the progress that has been made over the last years. Hear the unique attributes to Canadian PA education and the what future goals are underway. Kristen gives tips for students applying to PA programs and her thoughts on becoming a successful PA in Canada. She also touches on the subject of job security and the progress being made in Ontario. Join us in the discussion with an outstanding leader in the PA and medical community in Canada.

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