MTP Podcast Episode 6: PA Student Round Table


Pre-PA students and current PA students will enjoy this episode as Rachael and Becky discuss the details of student life in the PA program at McMaster University through a round table discussion with 4 current first year students. Life as a student at McMaster is discussed and even the super impressive Lana applying for Jeopardy! GO Lana! We are thankful all 4 were willing to take the time to engage our podcast community. The discussion took place during the 2017 CAPA conference so there is some audible background noise in this episode.

The McMaster program was the first PA program in Ontario and teaches on a PBL model (problem based learning) rather than the traditional lecture format. The students discuss adjusting to this style of learning and the distinct experience provided at this institution.  

Discovering the profession is unique among the students and concerns over job placement and security is discussed as well as their thoughts about embarking on a journey with a medical profession that is in its infancy in Ontario. They are already confident advocates for the profession among friends and family as well as on social media. Their enthusiasm is inspiring; the community and the profession will benefit from the championing of these dedicated students.

All 4 of the students are all members of the student organization MPASA which can be followed on Instagram @mpasa_mac or on the Facebook page McMaster Physician Assistant Student Association - MPASA

If you have any questions for them individually, you can contact them via email or Facebook as they would be happy to answer any questions from listeners, especially those exploring the option of the PA program.

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